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2022/07/26 - /BriefCase/Release 3.6.a1 updates vget and a couple test scripts to work under Cygwin in Windows 11 (tested with VirtualBox 6.1 running WinDev2206Eval.ova from Microsoft). See: /BriefCase 3.6.a1 Download to download.

2022/05/07 - /BriefCase Release 3.6.a contains numerous bug fixes and a few enhancements including the nci command -p flag (usually used to start a new major revision, e.g.: promote from to 2.1), bug fixes for csh/tsch users, and improvements to the /BriefCase/testing scripts. See: /BriefCase 3.6 Presser and /BriefCase 3.6 Download for details.

2019/05/30 - /BriefCase Release 3.6 Beta 1 contains some minor bug fixes and a general cleanup.

2017/08/25 - /BriefCase Release 3.6 Beta to be released soon. Contains numerous bug fixes and a major enhancement to simplify work in named branches (instead of the main trunk). Please take a look at workingWithBranches.pdf, a short review of /BriefCase concepts & usage and a discussion of the new named branch features.

2014/09/18 - /BriefCase Release 3.5, Beta 3b available for download.

See: /BriefCase 3.5 Beta 3b Presser and /BriefCase 3.5 Beta 3b Download for details.

Please also see this important info about on-going /BriefCase maintenance.

Click on the /BriefCase 3 Toolkit link, near the bottom of this page, to learn more.

 Applied Computer Sciences, inc brings you expertise covering more than 35 years 
of computer technology. From mainframes to PC's, from machine code to databases,
our experience  is here to help you solve your business problems with efficiency and 
style. While we do have areas of specialty, our years of networking within the
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Our main focus at this time is on software systems development and configuration
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Our many years in the computer industry gives us a unique perspective on this vital 
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- Critical Issues for Software Development Management
An Overview of the Development Process from concept through Release,
illustrating the benefits of Configuration Management.
Seminars, tools analysis, training available.
- Services Available from Applied Computer Sciences - Full spectrum of
services to assist in Software Configuration Management, from Introductory
Lectures through Environment Planning, Tool installation/Customization,
Implementation, Developer Training, and Support. - Software Design and
Implementation, Environment Design Specializing in Unix platforms from
mainframe to PC
/BriefCase 3 Toolkit for Software Configuration and Management
Read about the most comprehensive, 100% Open Source tools for
Software Revision Control & Configuration Management.
Technical details and download instructions are covered here.